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Family Health Insurance

Open enrollment begins November 1, 2015 and ends January 31, 2016 and is the best time to enroll for a health insurance plan, renew or change your existing plan. During the open enrollment period, you can switch the plans or can even add family members as per your needs. And, if no changes are made, the insurance coverage is renewed automatically.

Like every year, 2016 insurance plans also bring some changes in the Covered California’s individual and family plan coverage benefits. Though the year 2016 doesn’t bring any major changes, but there are few minor amendments that will help the members understand the plans better and compare them to choose the best health coverage for their loved ones. Here are some of the changes that will be introduced in Covered California health plans 2016. While the most significant changes in health insurance 2016 will affect all Bronze 60 and Silver 94, but few changes will be seen in all metal-tier plans. All of the Covered California health care plans including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum will now have a maximum monthly out-of-pocket cost on specialty drugs. Also, you will see an improvement in the lab benefits on most of the plans. Now, the maximum out-of-pocket for an individual will not be $6,250 and for family $12,500, it will be graduated for most of the plans.

Major Change Highlights- Bronze 60 & Silver 94

Bronze 60 health plan will experience an increase in the medical deductibles for both, individuals, and for family. With the plan renewal 2016, the medical deductibles will no longer apply to the laboratory work. Once the deductible is reached, 100 percent coverage applies on hospitalization, emergency and x-rays. And, for Silver 94, the newly introduced deductibles will apply on the hospital services, emergency and some of the preferred drugs.

The individuals and families who are looking to enroll for health care plans through Covered California or want to renew or change their existing plans might see some fewer changes and more transparency in the plans which results in better decision-making and satisfaction. We, at American Marketing Administrators, will help you choose the right health plan for your individual and family needs. Our knowledgeable experts have complete information about the changes and amendments and can guide you on how to choose the best coverage.

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