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Nobody cares much about them but they should. If you look closely, there are a number of ways that you can implement in your life in an effort to help you stay healthy at the office. All you need is a little bit of planning in advance and a whole lot of motivation. There are a few small additions or changes that you can make in your daily office routine and trust me; they will help you live a healthier and longer life.

You Should Stay Hydrated All Day

Water makes for 70% of your body and helps you with physical and mental performance. It detoxifies your body and also improves digestion. Always keep a water bottle handy; either have it at your desk or at someplace where you sit or hang out often so that it is easier to reach. You often find it much simpler to achieve the recommended 8 glasses of water target each day this way.

Cleaning Your Work Area Is A Neat Trick

If your desk keeps making you think of the drain pipes that broke in your kitchen last month then it is time to lift up that keyboard, move that strangled mouse, and that entangled telephone wire and give it a thorough clean. Even if your desk gets cleaned by the janitor, it is better still to be doubly sure and spray some disinfectant when you come in. Not to be paranoid but you just can’t be too safe. You don’t want things around you harboring germs or microorganisms, or any viruses and bacteria.

Washing Your Hands Is A Great Habit

Yes, it is and so don’t break it; not under any circumstances. Along with your immediate workspace and desks, other things that you touch and get in contact with on a regular basis could potentially be harboring germs and contaminants. It is always a good idea to wash your hands regularly and keep them clean no matter how many paper towels you have to use per day. Ordinary soap and hot water are the two unbeatable ingredients for this healthy habit and sufficient for your hands and face.

Using Full Spectrum Lighting is a Great Way to Maintain Perfect Eyesight

If you too have poor lighting in your office or if your workplace suffers from the no windows syndrome, it is advised to arrange for full spectrum lamps soon. Regular office lighting can have adverse effects on your eyes and thus often leaves you feeling drained. Not only is the full spectrum lamp brighter while simulating daylight inside, it saves energy and is a lot easier on the eyes.

Getting A Good Chair For The Right Posture Is a Great Idea

If you too like everyone else in the employee world have to spend more than 8 hours in a chair, then investing in a high quality chair with great support for your back will have great health benefits in the long run. In fact, you will notice the difference in a matter of a few hours of sitting on it.

Of course if you are not able to do any of these things, you can always opt for an awesome health insurance plan for small businesses from Covered California. There is absolutely no reason to sweat over your health and that of your employees and associates or partners when you are covered by Covered California.

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