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Health insurance advice should not be expensive. In fact, I think that any advice related to health should be free; especially because it is something that everyone has a right to. Paying for the time of a highly in demand nutritionist is not something that everyone has a budget for. So why not just come to Covered California health insurance for some really valuable advice?

Let’s start with some really healthy smoothies shall we? Grab a bowl full of fresh blueberries and yes, they have to be fresh only and not frozen. Toss them into a blender and add a bit of lemon for the tang, a few sprigs of mint, a pinch of rock salt and a little bit of honey to balance the tang out. Blend until smooth, pour it out and DO NOT strain because we want all that fibre in us. Remember, you are at Covered California and we want to make it as healthy for you as possible. Serve it chilled though!

Another mind blowing recipe is a curd and tofu smoothie, and for that you have to take about a 100ml of hung or simple curd in a blender, either would do. Add 50gm of plain, unsalted tofu into it, add a teaspoon full of honey into it or a little bit of chocolate syrup (stress on “little bit”). We want it to taste good and not sugary. You can also go for cocoa powder and a half a teaspoon of stevia to make it sweet. Blend it until smooth and pour it out. Serve on crushed ice and you have a great smoothie for any time of the day. It is practically a whole meal. Come again for some more fun ways to keep healthy with Covered California.

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