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Hearing aids, wheelchairs, orthotics, bandages, blood glucose test strips. If you need to use one of these medical devices you may have to put your hand to the pocket. And not for a little amount of money! This is the result of a recent study published. The results of the analysis of health insurance data on the market for these devices that the Observatory obtained through the Health Data Institute (IDS) indicate that the purchase of some of this equipment is likely to generate significant leftovers. Therefore we are a covered California agency that provides all kinds of individual and family insurance options.


There is a wide variety of factors affecting the price of products and services accompanying care. These can be listed as:

  • Medical devices may be prescribed in the context of a 100% or non-medical care (long-term illness in particular, but also occupational disease, pregnancy, etc.)
  • They can be purchased very punctually or on the contrary require the repeated purchase in time of several copies
  • Finally, they can be subject to a price regulation by fixing a limit price for sale by the public authorities or, on the contrary, having a free selling price which is often disconnected from the reimbursement rate by the Social Security

Tariffs totally disconnected from amounts reimbursed

In 2013, 2.2 million people were prescribed such a device for an amount of 187 million dollars of which 89 million remained the responsibility of patients and their complementary health. While the vast majorities (86%) that use custom-made orthopedic beneficiaries have no final rest, only 47% of the orthotics or cervical collar bearers bear no rest-to-load.

In such scenario, it is almost unimaginable to live without a regular health insurance. You need to choose health insurance wisely with individual and family insurance options so that you know that both you and your entire family is covered in case of emergencies.



Why is cashless insurance necessary?

Cashless insurance is one of the best options because then the transactions are done directly between the hospital or doctor and the insurance company. It is one of the important benefits that you get if opt for an insurance with us in California.

How to avail health insurance in California?

Availing health insurance in California is very easy. All you need to do is log in to our website and generate a health insurance quote after filling out all the details of yourself if you are opting for an individual insurance. You need to fill out the details of your family as well if you are opting for a group insurance. This is a fairly easy process and you just need to follow each step. Fill out all the details about the type of insurance you would need and your date of birth etc. After we get the insurance, we generate a preliminary quote for you.

Our agents get back to you with a quote and you can decide if you want to opt for this plan or go for a different one!



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