Guide to Choosing Individual health plans California
Individual Health Plans California

The health insurance area can be difficult to navigate. Here’s a simple guide to help you choose the best plan for you and your family, whether purchased through the federal marketplace or through your employer.

  1. Finding the right marketplace

The first step is to find the right marketplace to get your individual health plans California. Most people get their health insurance through their employers. If you have also decided to get the insurance from the employer, then you don’t need to use the marketplaces. Employers who offer insurance mostly pay a part of your premium. If you are not satisfied with the health insurance plan offered by your employer, then you can still search for an alternative plan in the marketplace.

If your job does not provide a health insurance benefit, you can get one from the Affordable Care Act marketplace or the federal marketplace in order to get the lowest premiums. You can also visit and enter your zip code. You will then be redirected either to a federal marketplace or state based marketplace. And finally, you can purchase health insurance from a private exchange or directly from the insurer.

  1. Compare the different types of health insurance plans

The most common types of health insurance plans are Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO), or Point Of Service Plan (POS). The type of plan you choose determines the premium amount and the doctor you can visit.

When choosing a plan make sure that you consider your family’s medical treatment received in the past. If you choose a plan that needs a referral, consult with a primary care physician before visiting the specialist. POS and HMO plans are preferred by many individuals as it requires less work from your end and the doctor’s staff brings together the reports of the visits and deals with medical records. An EPO plan will also help to reduce out-of-pocket costs, if you choose a doctor within your network.

  1. Compare health plan networks

If you choose a doctor within your network, it would cost you less as the insurance companies have contracted rates with such doctors. If you prefer a service provider out of the network, then it might cost a little high for you and the insurance company. If you have a preferred doctor, then choose a plan accordingly. If you don’t have any preferred doctor, then you have wide choices. This will be particularly helpful if you live in a rural area where you need to find a local doctor who accepts your plan.

  1. Compare the out-of-pocket costs

By choosing any plan, you can know how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket for the services. Every plan will contain the minimum and maximum out of pocket cost that you will be spending for the year. In simple terms, if the premium you pay is less, then you will have a high out of pocket costs. You can choose your plan based on your needs.

It is better to pay a higher portion of your medical costs and also has higher monthly premiums, if you are in need of frequent emergency care, or if you have a planned surgery, or if you are expecting a baby, or if you take expensive medications on a regular basis.

It is better to opt for a plan with higher out-of-pocket costs and lower monthly premiums if you can’t afford higher monthly premiums and if you are in good health.

  1. Compare Benefits

The final thing is to sum up all the benefits, compare and choose the one that fits your requirement. Some plans might have better coverage for physical therapy, while other plans might offer emergency coverage through accidental health insurance. If you have any questions related to the plan, talk to the insurance agent and get it cleared before finalizing with the plan.

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