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It’s impossible to predict when you will get sick or have an accident. Every day you are exposed to places that could result in an accident. Each year, millions of people get injured through accident. Even if you have health insurance, the extra cost you incur from an accident can add up to your financial burden. Getting an accidental health insurance can provide financial protection for you and your family and can give you a peace of mind.

Accident insurance, also called supplemental accident insurance or personal accident insurance, gives you a cash benefit for your accident injuries.

The available benefits of the accident insurance plan are

  • Ambulance Transportation
  • Emergency Care
  • Administered Drugs
  • Tests and X-rays
  • Rehabilitative Therapy
  • Surgery
  • Follow-Up Care
  • Prescribed Medical Equipment
  • Prosthetic Devices
  • Major Diagnostic Exams

For less than what you might pay each month for your coffee, you can have the financial protection from accidental injury. You will never know when you or your family members could meet with an accident, so taking an accident health insurance policy is a helpful and sensible precaution.

Video explaining about Accident health insurance

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