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Tele Health

Sometimes you might need to visit a doctor immediately, but getting an appointment is a daunting task. You should be grateful to the advanced technology which lets you connect with doctors anytime, anywhere through telehealth. Now you don’t need to wait days or weeks to get an appointment to see your doctor. “Telemedicine” solution allows you to consult with a certified doctor at your convenience.

Telehealth is a unique health care delivery method used to examine, diagnose and treat patients at remote locations using high speed telecommunications systems and advanced computer technology. Telehealth helps to improve the patient’s experience as they receive a faster appointment, diagnosis and treatment.

The two methods of telehealth consults available in Coverdama are Live video and Store & forward.

Live Video – Connects patient through video conferencing equipment to diagnose and develop a treatment plan

Store and forward – This method uses a HIPAA compliant software to send the details of the patient like history, images and data electronically for further treatment which needs to be carried out locally.

What to expect from our telehealth ?

All the members who have purchased Individual and family insurance or any other coverage through covered California agents, can get specialty care through telehealth. A care coordinator will guide you and support you throughout the telehealth visit. They will introduce you to your concerned doctor and guide you with any examinations. Doctors can also provide prescriptions if necessary. All your visits are private and confidential.

24/7 Access to a Doctor with NO COPAYS

We bring care closer to your home. Life doesn’t wait for you to feel better. Get access to our doctors 24/7 with NO COPAYS and keep on going.

Why choose telehealth?

  • There’s always a doctor ready to talk to you about your health issue with no or less waiting time
  • No more traveling to wait for an hour in the doctor’s office
  • One Low Monthly Fee and NO Copays each visit
  • Telehealth is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Commonly treated conditions: Sinusitis, Strep Throat, Earache, Flu, Upper Respiratory Infection, Urinary Tract Infection, Bronchitis and Allergies

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